The simpliest, most scientifically rigorous growth method used by largest commercial growers, now yours for free.
Watch the video to see how we do it.
Ease of Use
Simple, low investment growth system guiding you through every step. Support is always just an email away!
High Yield
Just more weed! More cannabis per watt, per sqft, or by nearly any metric. Now that's good!
Impressive Quality
Our grow guide will ensure healthy robust plants that produces ample cannabis. Its kinda magical, actually.
Lower Costs
With our focused nutrient system, higher yield per watt, and less things going wrong, your cost per gram are the lowest possible.

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Wondering how you can grow simpler and grow better? Take a sneak peak at our video grow guide to see how we are increasing yields by as much as 50% while simultaniously increasing quality and saving costs.

Best of all, you get to worry less. Simplicity means reliability, and with that, peace of mind.

Products That Make Our System
Work Like Magic

Our exceptional results are made possible by using a set of highly curated products through years of real world testing
Future Harvest nutrients available in 220L drums and 1000L totes, please enquire for pricing

Watch Ken Introduce Millennium Coco

Ken Campbll, founder of Millennium Coco Coir and a biologist by training, shares over 20 years of growing experience and explains why coco is the most forgiving, simple and effective growth medium for cannabis.

Millennium Coco Coir

This professional high porosity Coco Coir has growers of all sizes and experience getting 30-50% more bud mass. You can hand water or for dramatic growth drip feed every 90-120 minutes. The key here is just way more oxygen way more often while removing waste and replenishing nutrients that optimizes growth.

In this incredibly root friendly environment, nutrient issues disappear and plants thrive. From seedling to the final phases of budding, there is no better way to grow your plants!

~40% More Bud Mass
Simple & Efficient
Way Less Grow Issues
~40% More Bud Mass
Simple & Efficient
Less Grow Issues
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Holland Secret Nutrient System

We sought out Future Harvest because of their 20 year solid reputation with growers in BC, growers like you. When we put them in our grow system, Wow!, now we get it. Clean, with everything you need, but nothing to muck up your systems and your plants (and cost you big $$$’s).
BC Grower Tested
No Sludge
Cost Effective
BC Grower Tested
No Sludge
Cost Effective
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